Wednesday, November 18, 2009

{sure-would love to photograph them}

the sherwoods.
remember lawson?

well...the little man started walkin' last week.

and he encored his new task flawlessly last night for me.

love those first little frankenstein steps.

and his family is just beautiful. they brought buddy, their golden retriever, and i've decided that a golden retriever is such a lovely accessory in a photo. just family-izes it another notch.

they also brought aunt shannon...which, seeing her with amanda and her only nephew made me miss my sister something terrible.

and being that i am officially obsessed with shadows and silhouettes, i have to profess my love of this picture.

i love how shadows and silhouettes suggest this beautiful image while not putting it completely out there.

as always, dear sherwoods...a pleasure capturing your family last night.


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