Friday, October 30, 2009


holding this girl today almost gave me contractions.
i. can't. wait.

sweet little emery.
remember her mama?

well, here's the beautiful baby that filled up that beautiful belly...

sweet emery elizabeth.

oh, suz...i could keep her forever & ever.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

baby quentin and sweet nina

oh, we've been busy, and it only gets better from now until christmas with all these sweet babies and their christmas cards. not to mention...somethin' was in the water nine months or so ago because there are plenty of sweet newborns comin' our way.

little quentin.
his mama has quite the story on the miracle of his coming-to-be. i love 'my' babies' stories.

and later this evening, little nina who's got some serious spunk and some killer eyes...

another sweet baby tomorrow...can't wait to get my hands on her.
i love this job.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

{ian & family}

i met this baby for the first time at a birthday party last week, and i was completely tranced by his eyes. between these ice blue little orbs and this luscious mess of lashes, he's headed down the quite-the-looker lane.

he's beautiful...and his name is ian.

you were a trooper, little man. even sitting on the pokey florida grass.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

{baby joey}

not even two weeks, this little guy had to be the first newborn i've ever shot that stayed awake and alert the entire session. like he just knew what he was supposed to do...looked straight at the camera for so many was easy. and newborn photos are never easy. my trick that, i swear, worked...i cranked a space heater the entire time. magic.

meet joey.

his mama purchased the newborn first year package, so i'll get to see this little guy every three months. how fun it will be to see him grow.

i love this one. somethin' about new daddies.

congratulations, joseph & marcie!

(ha ha. we had to get mom's hand in there to hold his head here because he fought hard to turn it the other way. but that's the most unreasonable he was the entire time.)

baby joey...he is splendid.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

new blog

welcome to the new blog...a decision i've been pondering for quite some time. our family blog has been my place, my passion, my thing for so long and, as i've become busier (and blessed!) with more business, it was straying away from what i've always wanted it to be. our thing. i was becoming more pressured to post shoots and less passioned, after all that work, to write about the small things we do every day. i missed my journal space and the personal slate it had always been. so, it will stay what i intended it to be. fun and simple and us, and this new blog will be professional...a place to post shoots and sneak peeks and further my passion for photography. they will surely merge from time to time as i love to make passionate, personal connections with my clients (who become friends) as well as the fact i can't keep my love for taking pictures out of the personal blog. but, for now, it feels good to make a little division and start a new path.

and what is a first post without beautiful babies to christen it?

little sam...with the bright blue eyes...makes his debut.

his eyes squint like twinkly stars when he smiles. and i love it.

and little presley came back after not feeling too hot on fall mini shoot day for a much happier shoot...

so be it. if you simply like to follow photos and join me on this little journey of finding something i love and running with it, then here is the place to be. if you like the personal, the us, the late-night ponderings and doodles about simple nothings that are everythings to us, then visit our old blog here and add it to your links.