Wednesday, December 2, 2009

more from the working corner

i've been able to get so much done these last couple days and am finally seeing some major light at the end of the maybe friday, it will be finished for the most part.

so, i'm working late from my little desk in the working corner listening to this song over and over, drinking sugarless carbonated somethin'-or-other, feeling the baby kick like mad...or maybe dancing to this song. yes, i think she's a dancer.

..and a few more to share.

...and while i've ended most of my shoots and have lots of work to do, i'll hopefully soon post my favorites from this season.

speaking of favorites...a few more of baby veda...

...and some images i am so happy with after spending an evening with my friends.

lainey was in heaven to be spending time with her girlfriends and it was obvious she felt very big indeed hangin' with the big girls.

the clissolds...
(oh, amy you are beautiful...and so is your family)

"our" baylee...

and sammy mcintosh...

man, my friends make some pretty kids.

...feeling tired but totally blessed to be able to do this job...especially as the year comes to a close and i look back at all the fantastic people i've met and the meaningful relationships i've formed through doing this.

more on that later.


  1. Another amazing job, Kelle! Thank you for all you do for my family. I can't express how much it means to us to have such beautiful pictures of our girls. You are a truly gifted, genuine friend. xo

  2. BEAUTIFUL. you are so amazing kells bells!!!! can't stop looking at them!

  3. I think I have looked at these pictures ten times already. You are so talented!

  4. it's been forever since i've stopped by your work blog, and it has been a treat! you really do capture real life. you are an amazing photographer, kelle!!

    happy december, friend ...

  5. I was sent a link to your blog(s) by a friend and I have to say that you have inspired me to slow down, stop and smell the roses, to enjoy the small things.

    As an aspiring photographer I have to ask, what editing software do you use the most, Photoshop or Lightroom? I see you are a Canon girl. I am starting with a Rebel XTi. I will be upgrading soon. What is the lense that you use the most? Do you use a flash every or try to stay with natural lighting? I know, tons of questions but I just love your pictures!

    I also loved your digital scrapbook...what software did you use for that?

    Answer if you can, if not I uderstand because you have those beautiful little girls to tend to!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful photos and thanks for the tips on your lenses, editing and scrap booking. Next question: how do you keep the shadows off your subjects' faces. This is a big problem for me. Do you do it all with editing?