Wednesday, December 16, 2009

last shoot

this was my last shoot of the holiday season, and i owe a mama a sneak peek!

these pretty girls recently moved to naples and upon photographing them, we found out we have lots of mutual friends here...small town.

and since finding out we're having a girl, sister shoots just get me.

happy holidays!

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  1. What an amazing shoot! I love the one of them behind the frame! I know that on your other blog, you had over 1300 comments, so I also know that there is a good chance you might not even see this comment, but I had to tell you that Nella's birth story moved me to tears more than once and your raw truth of the moment is such a testament to your love for both of your girls! I have one third cousin who has downs syndrome, one second cousin and one third cousin with autism and one second cousin with NKH (I can never remember how to spell the full name of his condition) and I will be emailing each of my cousins (their moms) a link to Nella's birth story. You are an AMAZING photographer and from what I have read/seen, an even more amazing mother/woman. I know a lot of people have already told you, but I couldn't leave your site without telling you myself. (feel free to delete this comment if you want to since it wasn't all about this session...just wanted to let you know)