Tuesday, January 19, 2010

new stuff

so behind on photography posts and so many pictures i've wanted to post...

...but a few of baby joey who i get to see every three months for his baby's first year package.
he's a crazy happy baby with these lucious lashes, and i just want to eat him up.

...and i have several to edit of this little guy, but wanted to get this one up.
holy miracle baby.

chase's parents were told he wouldn't live. he spent the first four months of his life in a hospital, and his family was basically told it was a matter of time before they'd say goodbye. eighteen months and a couple of well-earned tummy scars later, this guy has proved everyone wrong.
his mama is organizing a fund-raiser (i'll post more info later) this february and wanted a picture to somehow capture what he's been through...and she wanted his scars to be in the picture as proof. i had this idea late one night, and he went with it flawlessly today.
chase has beat the odds.
chase is a survivor.

i love this job.


  1. Tears, Kelle! Just tears. Amazing how one photo can capture a story, a fight, the short but miraculous life of my little boy. Thank you is not enough.....and yet all I can say is thank you. Thank you endlessly!

  2. Love all of your photos! And that story is quite amazing! Adorable children/families!

  3. Unbelievably perfect! I aspire to be where you are...someday :). I have just found your blogs tonight through a friend and am sitting here at 1:50 in the morning in awe! These 2 li'l guys are too cute!